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Reservoir Evaluation

Formation Evaluation

Our Formation Evaluation solutions provide clients with data that enables them determine the ability of a borehole to produce oil and gas in commercial quantities. Our unique SMART (Selective Modular Array Reservoir Evaluation Tool) formation evaluation system offer operators the opportunity to acquire a full complement of formation evaluation information delivered to the office in real time or without wireline. Oildata’s openhole formation evaluation tools and services are flexible to allow multiple combinations of all tool sensors such that the only one run in hole is required thereby saving rig time. The system is portable and can be run off any third party wireline.
Technology/tools deployed for these services provide the following information;  

  • Lithology Identification and Characterization
  • Formation Sampling
  • Fluid characterization and testing

Oildata’s Lithology identification and characterization tools include

  • High Speed Digital Transmission/GR (HDT/GR)
  • Natural Gamma Spectrum (NGS)
  • Compensated Neutron (CNS)
  • Litho Density Logging Tool (LDS)
  • High Resolution Digital Acoustic Logging (HRDA)
  • X-Y Cross Dipole Array Acoustic Wave Well Logging Tool (XDAT)
  • Sidewall Coring (SCOR)
  • VSP
  • Hexagonal Dipmeter (Hdip)
  • Dual Laterolog (DLLSM) service
  • High Frequency Array Induction (HFAI) Tools
  • Micro Spherically Focused/micro-electrode tool (MFS/MET)
  • Repeat Formation Tester (RFT)
  • Compensated Neutron (CNS)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Logging
  • Sidewall Coring (SCOR)