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Cement Bond Evaluation

The main purpose of cementing over a producing interval is to provide hydraulic isolation between neighboring zones. Hydraulic isolation prevents fluid movement into or from neighboring zones through the borehole behind casing. Poor cementing often results in and can be identified in cases of:

  • Water production or water flow behind pipe
  • Depletion of gas drive mechanism allowing gas percolate into the casing annulus causing high pressure which can endanger the well
  • Loss of production to neighboring zones
  • Contamination of fresh water sands causing pollution of ground water
  • Channeling in bonds without cement providing a path for fluid migration.

After cementing, it is important to evaluate the integrity of the cement bond. Our cement evaluation technologies measure the loss of acoustic energy as it propagates through casing. The logs produced are used to;

  • evaluate the strength of the hydraulic seal
  • determine cement coverage     
  • determine isolation between producing and non producing zones and
  • locate cement top and determine zones that would require remedial cementing