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Water and Sand Conformance

Retro-fit Sand Control Systems

Oildata deploys bespoke innovative technologies for the control of sand production. These solutions can be deployed via Wireline, Slickline or Coiled Tubing and can be run through tubing.

Retro-fit Sand Screen Systems

The thru-tubing Sand Screens can be deployed on Wireline or slick line and set in the tail pipe of tubing. The screens can be retrieved such that well can be re-entered and the screens can then be re-installed after the intervention.

Retro-fit Gravel Packs Systems

The thru-tubing Strata pack can be deployed on Wireline or slick line and gravel-packed at a later date, utilizing coil tubing and a crossover tool with an addition of a perforated extension and closing sleeve, run below the packer.

Water and Sand Conformance

Provide mechanical or chemical controls necessary for the complete or partial isolation of an identified interval with excessive Base Sediments and Water (BSW) or unwanted gas production.