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Enhanced Oil Recovery

Production Enhancement

With the exponentially increasing petroleum demands and the prices making record highs, it quiet frequently becomes mandatory for the operators to increase the production volume at levels which yield the highest profits.
It is critical however, that the right techniques are used as an error could potentially damage the reservoir for years to come. With our experience in performing these operations for different clients in varying circumstances, we provide the technical know-how necessary to make these decisions regardless of our client’s experience. Oildata deploys various types of perforation systems to enhance production. These include:

  • Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP)
  • Wireline Conveyed Perforation (WCP)
  • Short String Reservoir Perforation (IMPACT TM- Series)
  • Reactive Perforation (Connex™)
  • Memory Perforation (SHARP)
  • Expendable Perforators (SIZLA)
  • Exposed Perforators (Spiral and Strip Shogun)
  • GasGun™
  • Ultra Deep Penetrating Gun (RAPTOR™)
  • Retrievable Gun System (RTG)
Enhanced Oil Recovery

Our enhanced oil recovery solutions are necessary when experiencing reduction in expected production, excess water or gas production, suspicion of leaks and determination of mechanical soundness of well. Our solutions provide; Analysis of well performance, determination of the contribution of production zones to total production and quantitative flow rates, accurate measurement of after-flow in high permeability reservoirs, water injection/dump-flood profiles, Identification of fluid entries and exits, Identification of anomalous flow behind casing or tubing, determination of scale build-up in casing or tubing and routine/Periodic monitoring of well performance. Tools deployed are; REMOTE-X (Real-time Electronic Monitoring of Operations in Tough Environments) and Memory Production Logging Tool (MPLT).