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Enhanced Oil Recovery

Well Stimulation and Artificial Lift Systems

Well stimulation and artificial lift systems are required in wells with insufficient pressure in the reservoir to lift the produced fluids to the surface. They are also often used in naturally flowing wells (which do not technically need it) to increase the flow rate above normal levels. Artificial lift involves the use of a mechanical device inside a production well to increase oil flow.
Gas Lift is a widely used method which requires gas to be injected in the tubing to reduce the weight of the hydrostatic column, thereby reducing the back pressure and allowing the reservoir pressure push produce fluids and gas up to the surface.

Oildata uses the GasGun™ Propellant Stimulants and a retrievable gas lift system (XR Gas Lift™) to push oil up to the surface.

XR Gas Lift™ Systems
The XR Gas Lift Systems can be installed in a tubing where there was no previous design for Gas Lift. It doesn’t need a profile to be set. It can also be designed for applications when it is desirable to deepen the Gas Lift injection point without pulling the production tubing, allowing for Gas Lift repair or installation using coil tubing and/or Wireline without the expense of a rig. Live well operations can easily be tolerated, eliminating the need and expense of well killing programs. Each packer can be tested along with all connections of coil tubing as they are run, allowing for removal and replacement prior to attempting to flow the well.

GasGun™ Propellant Stimulation System
The GasGun™ Propellant Stimulation is a solid-propellant well-stimulation device incorporating the most advanced design on the market with the use of progressively burning propellants proven by research to be many times more effective in creating fractures and increasing formation permeability.


Horizontal Wells

  • Cost effectively stimulate long intervals
  • Fractures created along the entire pay zone.
  • Minimal onsite equipment and environmentally friendly

Naturally Fractured

  • Significantly improve formation damage
  • Multiple fractures intersect natural fractures

Open Hole

  • Zone Isolation achieved without packers
  • No adverse effect to borehole integrity
  • Fractures not dominated by earth stresses

Nearbore Damage

  • Remove skin damage from perforators, drilling, scale, cement etc
  • Fractures created at every perforation tunnel
  • Improve effectiveness of acidizing

Close Water Contact

  • Minimal vertical fracture
  • Improve the effectiveness of spotting acid.
  • No need to set parkers for isolation

Pre Frac:

  • Reduce tortuosity and resulting screen-outs
  • Breakdown/formation/reduce treating pressures
  • Create fractures in preferred plane

Pre Acid

  • Improve effectiveness of spotting acid
  • Break down formation/reduce treating pressures
  • Etch channels in newly created fractures


  • Increase injection rates
  • Reduce injection pressures
  • Create homogenous injection profile
Enhanced Oil Recovery

Our enhanced oil recovery solutions are necessary when experiencing reduction in expected production, excess water or gas production, suspicion of leaks and determination of mechanical soundness of well. Our solutions provide; Analysis of well performance, determination of the contribution of production zones to total production and quantitative flow rates, accurate measurement of after-flow in high permeability reservoirs, water injection/dump-flood profiles, Identification of fluid entries and exits, Identification of anomalous flow behind casing or tubing, determination of scale build-up in casing or tubing and routine/Periodic monitoring of well performance. Tools deployed are; REMOTE-X (Real-time Electronic Monitoring of Operations in Tough Environments) and Memory Production Logging Tool (MPLT).